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This album is dedicated to the 70's and 80's album sound of country and lighter classic rock music. The musicians are world-class and the mixing is old-school stellar. It is meant to be listened to in its entirety as it would play on a record player and has a certain vibe and flow you can feel. I try to reward the careful listener as well as the casual listener. Enjoy.

PLEASE: I am trading these mp3s for your email address, so they are not "free." BUT please DO share the link to others so they also may trade me their email address for their copy. I trade these mp3s to build my fan base to announce my schedule and future material available.

THERE IS NO NEED TO TIP (But they put the suggested tip on the page). My hope is that if you like the music you will purchase a physical CD from my website and listen to it as a whole work and in much better quality than mp3s allow. The clarity and mix is just too old school fantastic to not listen to it ALL as it was designed!

Please visit www.SgtBob.Rocks/PayItForward for more info.