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Our Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Discipleship Training School (DTS) outreach team wrote these prophetic songs as blessings to bring hope and life to Senegal. With the proceeds of this album our hope is to help the YWAM base in Niakhar, Senegal, build outhouse toilets for village communities neighbouring and within Niakhar

Our team stayed in Niakhar at the YWAM base there. We enjoyed three beautiful weeks with beautiful people desiring the best for the people around them. They humbly presented us with a list of financial needs for us to prayerfully consider. We were able to help them greatly with money budgeted for our team and some personal donations, but also felt it important to present the opportunity to give, contribute to the wellbeing of many in Niakhar, and support the ministry that YWAM is doing, to our family and friends. We are wanting to raise around $450,000FCFA (around $1150 Canadian) for YWAM Niakhar to fund their ministry of building communal toilets for village communities who don't have any. The money would be used exclusively for purchase of materials and labour costs. Niakhar is quite remote, the earth is severely over-salinated making agriculture very difficult, and many live in poverty. YWAM Niakhar is seeking to help this community and your financial contribution to this project is a wonderful way of practically impacting the lives of many.