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Pulled back to his native California after a several-year sojourn in Montreal, the songs written for his latest album "Old World Romance" find singer/songwriter Alex Brown Church (AKA Sea Wolf) dealing with major life changes - the death of a close relative, the birth of a child, relocation, relationships, and the weight of life. They're songs of growing up and facing the fears and realities of adulthood. In this exclusive 5-song EP, download three previously unreleased b-sides from the "Old World Romance" recording sessions, plus two songs from the album. Sea Wolf is touring all over the country with support from Savoir Adore, including a stop on May 24th at Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington state, and two performances on June 14th at Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee — main stage (12:15p) and an acoustic set on the Sonic Stage (3pm). Get tickets today at