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Sealed Our Fate was formed in mid 2014 when Oscar Chambers (guitar), Aaron Goldsworthy (drums), Lian Olifent (vocals) & Conor Tiffin (bass) came together to share their love of music and create a band based around the post hardcore genre while bringing influences from heavier bands.

In December of 2014 Conor parted ways with the band due to other commitments and left a spot available for a new bassist. During this time Oscar's brother, Barney Chambers, had started learning the songs that SOF had created while at home when Oscar would practice. In the natural progression of the band, Barney ended up joining and becoming the full time bassist for the band alongside his brother Oscar.

Also, in late December 2014 Lian's time with the band came to an end due to personal reasons which once again saw the band in a position of looking for another member. While Lian fulfilled the last of the booked shows for the band, they were on the hunt for a new vocalist.

In early January 2015 Scott Veal auditioned for the band and brought with him influences and experiences from the much heavier bands and from his time with his previous death metal band.

From Oscar's classical / blues training and Scott's influences in the heavier side of metal, the band has undergone a transition in the sound from a post hardcore influence to a more diverse combination of all the genres of heavy music while still maintaining their own unique sound. On some of the tracks you will hear very diverse and identifiable sounds reaching into the punk, hardcore and even metalcore genres.

Sealed Our Fate also documents their lives with each other in "behind the scenes" documentary style videos which are available on the Sealed Our Fate YouTube channel.