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Spirit and magic - what lies beyond mere intellect. The soul - the heart - the qualities that set us free ... the transformative power of music is what SCATTER THE ATOMS THAT REMAIN is all about.

Music can open our hearts. That’s the purpose of this band. Scatter's goal is to rest in that openness and let go. The music finds its strength in that. This new quartet is led by drummer-composer Franklin Kiermyer and features saxophonist Jovan Alexandre, pianist Davis Whitfield and Otto Gardner on bass. They are each virtuosos and they are all magnetized by their singular devotion to this power of music.

In their process, commitment and - most importantly - result, STATR stands somewhat unique in today’s world of creative music. Their focus is the real feel of the music. Scatter The Atoms believes that music is not supposed to sound LIKE something. It’s supposed to DO something. Opening is what their music is for. Opening the heart is their path. Faith in fearlessness is their vehicle.

It’s about love. It’s the only thing that works. It’s about feeling that love and loving that feeling, loving the courageous heart that motivates the quest, loving the music itself and loving to share it with others. The more passionate the love, the greater the music. Love is the only thing that will destroy the doomsday machine of ignorance and confusion. The Revolution Is Now! Dig? Peace and justice comes from taking responsibility to trust your heart and think for yourself.

So ... Tune in, Turn on and Drop out of the gloom!

"There may not be a quartet out there that best picks up where the Coltrane Quartet left off than drummer Franklin Kiermyer’s Scatter The Atoms That Remain." The New York City Jazz Record

Drummer, composer and bandleader Franklin Kiermyer is known mostly for his expansive style of drumming, distinct sound and the spiritual focus of his music. “Kiermyer plays and composes with an almost evangelical belief in jazz as a form of pure inspiration.” Entertainment Weekly • “Drummer Franklin Kiermyer is that rare jazzman – blessed with the ecstatic quality of his free-bop attack.” Rolling Stone Magazine • “Kiermyer supercharges spiritual modality … he plays with volcanic authority.” Down Beat

Saxophonist Jovan Alexandre, born in 1988 in Wallingford, Connecticut, is emerging as one of the most compelling and distinctive tenor saxophonists on today's scene.One is immediately touched by the deep spiritual honesty of his sound. After graduating from the Hartt School of Music and Jackie McLean's Artists Collective in Hartford, Jovan quickly earned a reputation through appearances with celebrated artists such as Hank Jones, Curtis Fuller, Larry Willis, Charles Tolliver, Randy Brecker and Ralph Peterson.

Pianist Davis Whitfield, born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1993, grew up immersed in the music. Coming from a lauded musical family, he has accomplished a lot at a young age.While still in high school, Davis was appointed Assistant Director of the Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra in New York City. Continuing his studies at Berklee, he was the recipient of their top honor, the Presidential Scholarship. Davis has toured in the United States, France, Spain, Japan and Scandinavia. Still in his early 20’s, he already has a voice of his own on the piano.

Bassist Otto Gardner came up in the heady creativity of the loft jazz scene of 1970’s New York. He cut his teeth with the legendary Arthur Rhames, with whom he had a close musical association for most of Rhames’ all too short career. Arthur held Otto in such high regard that he refused to use a bass player when Otto was not available. With his unique and daring approach, Otto has the uncanny ability to make the music feel deeply rooted and swinging at the same time as very free and open. His sound is strong, warm and heartfelt.