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Sarah Clanton is bringing people together and building a feel-good machine. Bringing the classical and pop worlds together with her cello, Clanton has been on a positivity mission since long before she plucked her way into town. But it’s never been more apparent than on her break-through project, Here We Are.

While Here We Are may be a solo album, Clanton says it could not have been made without others — from co-producer Eric Loomis (Tyminski), to a group of top Nashville session musicians, to her management company Torque Entertainment and publisher Writer’s Den Music Group. But mostly, she says, the album was made for others. She jokes that the uplifting pop album is a “feel-good machine,” built to bring people together in these difficult and divisive times. “We’re not going to make any progress being divided,” she says. “If I can get some of that mindfulness out there to negate some of the hate, that would be so great.”

Like “Silver Lining,” which Clanton says is about championing constructive conversation, all the songs on Here We Are were written with “a certain mindfulness” that they could make people’s lives better. “Slow It Down” is about living in the moment. “We Belong,” the latest single and official music video, delivers the message that, “Wherever you are, you’re okay… we’re all just here, and we’re all in it together.” Here We Are is a collection of songs evolved through a self-care journey, through conversations and good company, through exploring habits in mindfulness and gratitude all brought to life with the support and creativity of a beautiful and talented community of Cello-brators!