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Ruston Kelly’s forthcoming debut full-length album Dying Star is a testimony of self-destruction and salvation. Capturing the chaos of despair and the grace of redemption, the troubadour has partnered with Noisetrade to share three tracks from the lucid album as well as the official video from the album’s first single, “Mockingbird”.

The Nashville-based artist chronicles his trials with addiction though poignant storytelling that shifts between poetic and conversational. Co-produced with Jarrad K (Kate Nash, Weezer), Kelly enlisted performances from fellow musicians like Joy Williams (formerly of The Civil Wars) and Kacey Musgraves to shape his narrative. Each song, forged of equal parts of the singer/songwriter’s confessionalism and punk-rock irreverence, is brought to life by lilting arrangements and refined vocal delivery. “A lot of my music is focused on suffering...which probably sounds totally depressing, but it’s actually the flipside of that. Sometimes you’ve gotta go into that darkness...and then figure out for yourself how to find your way back.”

Genre: Singer/Songwriter