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The debut album All Is Well is a punkish folk-rock tromp through twelve songs about love, death, and birds. for more info.

Copyright Music For Monsters BMI 2014 MFM1499

Released 02 December 2014

Engineered and produced by Roy Peak at Radical Recording, Jacksonville, Florida 2007 to 2014

All guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, noises, vocals by Roy Peak except for some excellent

contributions by these fine people:

Sean Jones -- drums on Bride, Somewhere

“That Damn Beau” Halton -- drums on Ohio, Clear Lake, Mean Girl

Craig Spirko -- mandolin on Bride

Thommy Berlin -- lead guitar on Ohio

Mike Pearson -- lead guitar on Somewhere, Mean Girl

Robin Soergel -- accordion on Broken, harmonies on Inside Out, Underhill, and Teach Me

Lauren Fincham -- harmonies on Ohio, All Is Well

Terry Whitehead -- harmonies on Okolona, Bride, All Is Well

Tamara Colonna -- harmonies on Ohio, Clear Lake, Bride, Black River, Mean Girl, All Is Well

Mark Williams -- lead acoustic guitar on Teach Me and Underhill, harmonies on Underhill, Somewhere, and All Is Well

Cover photo by Clay Junell