From Robert Shirey Kelly

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With stars in his eyes, Robert Shirey Kelly wakes up each morning with a story to tell. This energetic, yet pensive, popster peruses books and photographs over coffee, drawing inspiration from his memories, travels, and the longings of hearts not his own. From a prayer book on the floor of a Nashville bookstore, to his wanderings alone through the winding streets of Jerusalem, Robert is breathing in, and singing out, the stories he finds. Robert’s debut album, We Are Poetry, called “a pop/rock album at its finest” by Music City Unsigned, spent its first weeks in the top 15 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart. The Deli Magazine notes an “upbeat energy that makes each song uplifting in a way that few can achieve.” After growing up near Dallas, Texas, Robert moved to Nashville. Between a busy touring schedule and nonstop writing, his music has found a home on FOX’s hit show, Raising Hope, and multiple radio stations. From cramped coffee shops, to packed auditoriums, opening for acts like Matt Wertz, Jon McLaughlin, and Dave Barnes, Robert Kelly’s thoughtful pop music has audiences on their feet. Robert is currently preparing to release an acoustic EP, entitled The Meantime, on October 22, 2013.