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This exclusive Noisetrade sampler contains two songs from Robbie Fulks's new album 'Upland Stories' and one previously unreleased song from the 'Upland Stories' studio sessions, engineered by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL.

Robbie Fulks's new album 'Upland Stories' continues and expands the sound of his contemplative, largely acoustic 2013 album 'Gone Away Backward.' Fulks’s richly emotional storytelling is illuminated by his instrumental prowess and emotional voice. At 53, he is philosophically reflective, writing “with clear eyes and a full heart” (Ken Tucker, NPR). Don’t get us wrong, his wit is still as quick as his picking; but it’s reflected through the lens of fatherhood, marriage, middle age, and the literary voices he is drawn to and draws from: Flannery O’Connor, Anton Chekhov, Mary Lavin, Frank O’Connor, Javier Marias, James Agee. Three new songs—“Alabama at Night,” “America Is A Hard Religion,” and “A Miracle” — are meditations inspired by Agee’s 1936 trip to Alabama, the sojourn that fueled his furious polemic on American poverty, 'Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.'