From Rich O'Toole

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Rich O’Toole is honest to goodness Texas talent with a spicy presence in his music that can only be found hailing from a state that has a reputation for everything bigger and he proves this true with huge lyrical passion, a gigantic portion of daring subject matter that’ll leave any listener wide-eyed, and massive on-stage energy. Rich displays an energetic take on-stage that is aurally present in the latest record. His drive for life is lyrically present in the latest album’s closer, “Never Gonna Quit”. This never-give-up mantra has led Rich to accumulate a die-hard fan base in his years of touring. Night after night, he offers audiences an energetic and intimate performance that can only be described as “Bruce Springsteen meets Country Music!” If you asked him what fuels these performances and success he’ll reply with one word: passion. “If I didn’t love playing city after city, I wouldn’t. There are times I leave the stage soakin’ wet because of the energy the crowd and I shared.”