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A native Californian, Richard Neumann is a songwriter who enjoys writing for featured artists. In 2017, his song "Baby Blues" was his first song to debut on Pandora radio. Richard draws his musical inspiration from both pop and country music. His knack for writing “catchy” melodies comes through in his music and gives the listener plenty to enjoy!

His other efforts, "Save Me", “Sonic Remedy” and "Love Resistant" continue to gain traction on a variety of streaming services across the world wide web, including: You Tube, Iheart Radio, Spotify, Last.fm, ReverbNation, Jango, and 8Tracks!

Although Richard has been songwriting for several years now, 2016 marked the first year he'd taken his songs from the comfortable home of his piano to other markets including film/TV and streaming radio.

If you are an artist or a music supervisor looking for songs for your project, don't hesitate to contact Richard. His material is pre-cleared and ready for licensing!

And if you are a listener who just enjoys music, don't forget to like and follow Richard on Facebook!