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Restoration Project is a songwriting and recording collective dedicated to writing new hymns and restoring old, taking old hymn texts and poems and writing new music and melodies for them. Based in Chicago, the group performs sing-along style hymn-sings across the country—many of them house concerts, some of them in coffeeshops, and a good number in bars and clubs, dubbed "beer and hymns" events.

Restoration Project‘s core consists of a handful of volunteer songwriters and musicians who live all over the country—and they're committed for the long haul. The group exists to glorify God, edify the church, and share Jesus with those around them.

Co-Founder, Jay Mathes, says, "We want our recordings to engage and attract people and share with them the joy that we have in Jesus. This one is pretty simple. We want you to invite your friends, family, and neighbors to take a listen to our songs or check out one of our hymn-sings. We want to be a catalyst for people wrestling with the big questions, struggling with doubt, suffering, to begin a conversation about faith and what it really looks like today.

Restoration Project started in 2007 as a ministry of College Church in Wheaton’s College Group, under the direction of then College Pastor Jay Thomas and Senior Pastor, R. Kent Hughes.

Looking ahead, the group is particularly sensitive to their need to create a sustainable ministry which will allow them to write and record album after album. Consider buying any number of their available products on their website, resproj.com, or pay for their music here on Noisetrade.

Soli Deo Gloria.