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reole is a producer operating out of London. He is one of the in-house engineer/producers from Zendell.

Scottish born - raised in New Zealand New Orleans - the unique hybrid sound that reole encompasses is a worldly feel.

With a strong belief in keeping ‘as it is’ and the heavy use of tube/valve technologies, reole’s gumbo mix gives you some added warmth throughout the journey.

The run game EP is an introduction to the free album download of ‘ya heard me’ – reole’s debut album. The inclusion of an acapella is for all other producers out there to use, re-mix and re-heat!

“The concept behind this album is simple. The creative capture of a moment in time that can last forever. There is minimal processing. I mean, only the same natural reverb on sounds recorded live, bits of delay and compression, just to keep the levels tight. Otherwise, there is nothing else. No audio manipulation. The idea is to keep the sounds straight, but to give them the space that they rightfully own, regardless of vocal double tracking - this is standard brah!

No fuss, no nonense.

It is all about ‘one time’ playing. I delete files, not edit and move! This means it can be easily re-produced in a live environment. Keeping it ‘reole!”