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Terrell Riley, better known as "Rell Riley", was born March of 1990 in Akron Ohio. At a young age, he and his family discovered that he was a natural born artist.

As Rell got older, he got deeply interested in music, mainly hip hop. He started writing lyrics at the age of 12, and began to make instrumentals at 15. In his last year in high school, Rell had his first recording session. Every since then, Rell has been running after his dream to be a rapper.

Life began to change for Rell when he graduated from high school and moved out on his own. Money was funny, change was strange, and life was real. Rell knew that the only way for him to succeed in life was to depend on God. Daily struggles is what birthed the inspirational, Spirit led lyrics that are heard today in his music.

As of today, Rell has released 5 mixtapes, one album, an EP, and has been on countless features with other Christian artists from around the world. The grind never stops for this young hot artist! You can look forward to hear the untold story of Rell Riley in his music prepared for the future.