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Reborn, a Houston native, has been recording music for six years. Being influenced by many great artists over the years, he has acquired a unique sound. His music serves as a billboard to point people to something greater than themselves -Truth. #TheNeverHurds is a compilation of some of the songs that were recorded over the last two and a half years (Late '09-Early '12) while Reborn was "away" from the music scene. Though away, he never stopped writing. "I think its necessary that my friends and fans who haven't really heard anything from me in a while, get a chance to hear what was recorded over the silent years " -Reborn. He is currently working on a two-part mixtape titled #TheTransition which serves as an audio map to encourage and help fellow believers to move from their carnal nature into the divine nature. Filled with testimonies, revelations, and lessons learned over the years, Reborn is excited to release this project in Fall.