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Just like the Old Testament believers struggled in their journey from Egypt to the promised land through various trials, deceptions, doubt, fear and disobedience, many believers today, who are in transit from Egypt (slaves to sin) to the promised land (the divine nature), after facing many trials, find it difficult to press on, survive the wilderness and conquer the "giants" in the land" (sins, struggles, etc). God desire is not for us to die in our struggles, but for us to successfully reach our promised land. Within the church today, false teachers are preying upon the innocent and many are being colonized into religious clones; struggling in their sin and never growing to maturity. Reborn carries a strong burden to lift his fellow brothers and sisters out of man made tradition (which doesn't work) into Gods absolute best--unadulterated truth and freedom in righteousness. "Be encouraged fam! God's grace (divine enablement) is truly sufficient for our journey!"-Reborn