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Sunrise2Sunrise is a story about a woman named Ella Rae who is in her 5th stage of grief - Acceptance. Over the course of our time with her, we see Ella go through the process of Acceptance, Exploration, Experimentation, New confidence, & Transformation.

Ella Rae starts her Saturday alone on the beach but as the day progresses she finds companionship and community. This new companionship helps her to find her own strength and focus. The album (story) is set on a beach that has a super cool lounge, amazing music, and a couple of unexpected spiritual guides.

The album itself is a 3 disc set. Disc 1, Meditation, represents Ella's come-from as she approaches the 24 hour period that we have with her. Disc 2, The Root, is an assortment of the traditional roots music that she experiences during her day. Disc 3, Arrival, is a downtempo EDM vibe with soulful R&B elements reminiscent of Sade - all set to a backdrop mash-up of elements from the 1st two discs.