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Fallin’ In Love with #SELFIES?!?

Rawsrvnt offers a free download of mashup with viral club banger

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Florida-based artist Rawsrvnt released a beefed up version of “Fallin’ In Love” which received attention from local DJs, DJ Alex Gregory and DJ Reflex.

The track’s high-energy, EDM thump, and vocal stylings are tailor-made for beach parties and radio requests and now is headed to the club as a mashup with a viral banger.

“‘Fallin’ In Love” is a great song with a catchy hook,” DJ Reflex said. “‘#SELFIE’ is a huge club hit, recognizable to everyone, and now has a hip-hop twist. It’s officially Team Reflex approved!”

Willie Moore, Jr., host of Young Fly & Saved Radio on Atlanta’s Inspiration Station Praise 102.5/102.9, says “I think ‘Fallin’ In Love’ is a big tune that will last a long time and can infiltrate all radio formats: pop, gospel, CCM, and urban radio. It’s a hit!”

Although first time listeners may assume the content of the track is shallow, Rawsrvnt says there’s actually quite a bit of depth to it.

“Don’t let the title fool you,” Rawsrvnt said. “It’s about the greatest power this world has ever known and may even go a little higher than you expect.”

DJ Alex Gregory and DJ Reflex’s “Fallin’ In Love x #SELFIE” mix can be streamed and downloaded at

To purchase the original “Fallin’ In Love” version directly from iTunes click here: