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We’re very excited that summer is here and to be sharing our Summer Mixtape Volume 3 with you. This whiz-bang, rip-roaring album not only features new tracks from Shelley Gordon and Mary Simon, Marie Avery, Jason Paul Johnston and terns but also includes songs from some new friends, MoPrimo, George Kamel and, Nevado Records artist, Jordan Klassen.

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Rarebird Records


Rarebird Records Summer Mixtape Vol. 3

Executive Producer / Manager: Joel Martin

Track List – Liner Notes

1. Jason Paul Johnston - The Bird Song (from the upcoming album, “100 Stories Vol. 5” TBA) -

2. MoPrimo - If I Run (from the album, “The Blackest Sheep”) -

3. Shelley Gordon & Mary Simon - Irresistible (from the upcoming album, TBA) - /

4. Jordan Klassen – Balcony (from the album, “Repentance” courtesy of Nevado Records) -

5. Kensington Prairie - Golden Days (from the album, “Captured in Still Life”) -

6. Jordan Fox – History Is Usually Ignored (from the album, “JF”) -

7. Marie Avery – If You’ve Got Time (from the album, “The Fire”) -

8. terns - For You Baby (from the upcoming album, TBA) -

9. George Kamel - Found My Way (from the album, “The Great Coward”) -