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This is our latest cd... A lot of things are different about this cd compared to our other ones...

1) It has small but noticeable influences from various bands that never influenced the band till now such as Windir and some other black metal bamds...

2) It's the first album to use a symphonic black metal approach for an original album

3) It has totally redone guitars compared to previous cd's...

4) It is not a thrashy black metal cd more of a groovy symphonic black metal cd in the vein of Dragonlord and such

5) It is a concept album on paranormal phenomina and has no disgusting or evil lyrics at all just scary ones..

6) It has a lot more varied drumming. Older cd's were just thrash beats, blastbeats and black metal drum beats.

This mixes in various other kinds of drum beats and sounds a lot more diverse..

That being said I think it's a damn good album and is worth checking out.. It sounds a lot different but classic Rancid Abomination touches ARE there such as delayed harmonies and it's trademarked black metal drum beats...The songs on the album are about the following paranormal events:

Track 1 - Alien Abduction

Track 2 - Invisible Bigfoot sightings in Maine

Track 3 - APOL (Read the mothman prophecies book for more info)

Track 4 - Black Eyed Kids

Track 5 - Spring Heeled Jack

Track 6 - Sightings of half man half deer like spirits

Track 7 - Sightings of "pukwudgies" in the Freetown state forest

Track 8 - Mothman