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Pushing a little snowball, into the top of the mountain, but you're still 13 clicks away from the top


Those feeling we've experienced so far bulding this label since 2015 (oficially)

A large amount of energy and consistencies we need to make this company afloat is, well..



This company / partnership is far from being profitable

Yet we still doing it on a daily basis until today

The passion in music and business is our main fuel to ride this train of uncertainties

We love what we do here though

We did hope that, you love our music too

Whether you decide to buy it or not buying it


The journey in creating a new dish in for our releases is somewhat tasted like adventure roasted in coals, medium rare, and a bit spicy

The only thing we hope is that when you decide to slice it and put it into your mouth

Our music will put a little, just a little smile on your face

while you put your hand in your chest and said to our chef..

"Thank you man! Your music really make my day"

and we'll (gladly) replied with..


"That's the reason why we're doing this, for you"