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As the trilogy is now finished, so are “the bastards”. I wanted to get something out this fall, since that's when The Leaves was supposed to be done and available. Then life got very dark and strange, and we're still dealing with that, so that record won't be available until early next year. But The Bastards will be out next month ... November 6, to be exact. It'll be the first time that you can buy/listen to all those songs all together, and in all the normal places (itunes, spotify, amazon, etc) if you'd like to support and buy it. But volume 4 will also be available through Noise Trade for free, like all the other EPs. I said I'd keep that part of this whole project free, and wanted to continue that to the end.

Thanks again to anyone who has bothered to keep up with this project over all these years. I really do appreciate it.


More than 10 years ago, Radical Face started crafting the story of a fictitious, sometimes otherworldly 19th century family called The Northcotes. He brought these characters to life in a three-part album series he created and recorded alone in Jacksonville, FL. Certain instrumentations and melodies were used to represent various “family members” and each album was recorded using only the instrumentation available during the era represented.