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Adrian Nunez, artistically known as R3K4CE is a music producer residing in Montevideo, Uruguay. He has honed his craft for 10 years in his hometown of Harrison, NJ USA, where he learned to play the guitar and DJ among other things. He has played in a couple of pubs here and there but his heart is at the mixing desk.

Anubis is the commercial debut for R3K4CE and is a track that evolved around many ideas and experimentation. His love for the big room and trap genres carefully intertwine to make the track come to life.

There are many other things in the works for R3K4CE.

The recently launched FREE2USE project on his online platform aims to foster an enviroment where creators can remix the materials on the site royalty free. Under a Creative Commons license, the remixer would only have to attribute the creator to use the material. This allows R3K4CE and other artists featured on the platform to collaborate with each other and enhance their exposure. It is way to share musical works and enrich the commons. R3K4CE's little way to give back to the community that showed him everything he knows.