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Nashville-based singer-songwriter and producer Quinn Lewis combines smooth electric guitar with moving bass lines, drum machines and futuristic synths to form his R&B inspired, electro-pop sound.

Born in Australia, Quinn began his singer-songwriter career in his early teens. Shortly after, he dove into the production world opening a door to a realm of creativity he had yet to explore. As the young artist continues to grow, he writes, produces and performs all of his tracks with a bit of help from the music scene in Nashville, where he currently attends Belmont University, an acclaimed music and music business school.

The recent addition of supporting multi-instrumentalists Danen Reed and Jonny Lutz helped to launch the production of his upcoming EP “Addicted”, which includes enhanced drum and synth performances while showcasing Quinn's artistry as a captivating musician and performer. His sophomore EP, "Addicted" is coming soon.