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When my cousin, Holly Bobo, went missing over 6 years ago, people started asking when I was going to write a song for her. However, the timing never felt right - the wound was too fresh for me and my family. I have hardly ever been able to talk about it without my emotions taking over. As time has gone by, I have finally been able to realize what I wanted to say to her. As a songwriter, I feel my purpose is to write about real life, what I know and how I feel, knowing that many others might just relate to what I am going through. I got the idea for "Better Place" last year and wanted to write it with people I'm really close with so I could really say what I wanted to say. I couldn't think of anyone better than Ashlee, Shelby, and my cousin Jonathan Singleton. I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to Holly or have a final conversation with her, so this song is my way of filling her in on everything since she's been gone. Life has moved on in some ways, yet it also feels like time stands still sometimes, but not a day goes by that I don't think of her. With her murder trial approaching, I wanted to release this song to honor her. No matter what happened here on Earth, I know she's in Heaven, and her heart isn't broken, even if ours is. ---Whitney

As we were getting ready to release this song, our dear friend and bandmate Christian Leonard also passed away suddenly. We can't believe he is gone and wanted to also honor him with this song. Rest in peace, dear friend.

All of the donations for this track will be given to the Holly Bobo Memorial Scholarship Fund. If you would like to send directly, you can mail a check to:

1350 Corinth Road, Darden, TN 38328