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Phillip Sandifer is a writer, recording artist and producer. His music is primarily known within the Contemporary Christian music field. He has recorded with such artists as Jennifer Warnes, Bob Bennett and Michele Wagner and written music for Glen Campbell, Fernando Ortega and others. He has participated on recordings distributed by EMI, Disney, BMG and Warner Music Group although most of his solo recordings have been released on Urgent Records and Wider Sky, independent labels founded by Sandifer.

He has authored and performed six #1 songs in the Christian Music field. Top songs include "Just Because You Are", "When It's All Been Said And Done", "Man Of Compassion" , "What You Mean To Me" and "The Less Traveled Road".

"So, I always wanted to capture some of my favorite hymns in such as way that if I was sitting in my living room I could grab my guitar and worship by myself or with friends. So that's what we've done on this project. We've kept it very simple and acoustic. To me, it's the perfect Noisetrade project - a tip would be great because that helps us fund future projects but if that's not possible (or even if it is) we'll just imagine ourselves sitting in the living room together worshiping God. I love that thought". - Phillip Sandifer