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It would be greatly appreciated if you'd strongly consider close to an $8.00 tip as we are finishing up the new CD and every little bit would help us! Plus, it would continue to support this new music distribution concept! Thanks! - Phillip Reviewed by Phil Thomson of Cross Rythms Magazine (UK): Phillip Sandifer out of Austin, Texas has been around for years with a whole slew of albums, mostly on the Urgent label. In recent years we haven't heard much of his music but clearly other activities, like radio and preaching and setting up churches, have held sway. But this return to the studio shows the veteran's ideas are still flowing fast. 'Prone To Calamity' offers some finely judged raw production and we run the gamut of provocative, searching lyrics keeping us intrigued as well as entertained. Sandifer's voice lingers on in the heart as well as the mind, with searching questions ("Wanting The Things That You Get") and uncomfortable moments ("Voice Of Irrelevance"). I love the honesty and ironic resignation ("We Are Who We Are") breathed at me with an uncomfortable nod at the truth of our insistence in "staying in our happy world". This is subtle stuff designed to move us, irritate, keep us coming back for more. 'Prone To Calamity' is full of surprises. This has to be one of the best self-produced albums I have come across in many a year. Seek it out.