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A sampler of comedy songs that are super uncomfortable to listen to with your parents.

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Artist Bio:

Being human is a constant struggle between defining ourselves as individuals and trying to fit in with “the group”...

Phil Johnson, who has appeared at the Sundance Film Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, uses comedy and music to dissect the dilemma of individuality vs. acceptance in his own life and others.

Roadside Attraction comes from leader Phil Johnson's twin careers in music and comedy. "The idea here is songs and comedy material that are interesting and challenging, but also funny, and understandable by a casual listener," says Johnson. It's more eclectic than Stephen Lynch, funnier than Prince, and more palatable than Frank Zappa, though influences of all three abound.

Phil Johnson, like everyone else, sometimes gets it and sometimes wonders what the heck people are thinking. On stage his playful humor and likeable, endearing manner allow him to shake things up without antagonizing the audience. In the end we can only be who we are, try to understand others, and hope they understand us.