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People vs. Larsen has offered an innovative voice in the indie/blues music scenes in New York since 2012 and have established themselves as one of the "best live bands" in New York City. Emanating from a wide breath of influence centered around the blues, People vs. Larsen delivers a musical experience which infuses blues, rock, jazz and indie music, and gives audiences a powerful, soulful and uplifting experience. People vs. Larsen released their debut self-titled record in the fall of 2012, and their second album “Loving Losing” in January of 2016. Music from both albums have been played on radio stations across the US, including KCRW in Los Angeles. “Loving Losing", the group’s second album, features the addition of renowned Crosby Stills Nash organist Todd Caldwell, and showcases the breadth of Tom Larsen's compositional and arranging prowess, as well as the ballad single Loving Losing, which is the title track of the album.

The band has played venues across New York, and continues a four year residency at the McKittrick Hotel. They have toured all over the Northeastern US, California, Southeastern United States, as well as Mexico. The group is currently working on material for a third album to be released on One Trick Dog records at the end of 2017.