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Mr. Sá Moraes pitted rough and smooth against each other in songs from his new album, “Além do Princípio do Prazer” (“Beyond the Pleasure Principle”). His melodies, sung in a warmly sustained baritone with echoes of Gilberto Gil, were the smooth aspect. But they were set in contentious arrangements: with noisily scrabbling guitar, sudden drum interruptions or choppy meter shifts that made the melodies sound even stronger for withstanding the attacks. His first song, “Alarido” (“The Alarm”), hinted at a manifesto; it warned that “a dissonant turmoil will haunt you/A furious racket,” but that it would lead to a “serene tension.” - Jon Pareles (New York Times)

Recently featured on NPR's "10 artists you should have known last year", the Rio born singer/songwriter presents songs from his latest CD - "Além do Princípio do Prazer" - "Beyond the Pleasure Principle". In this CD, the artist blends influences from his country's musical wealth, its luscious melodies and countless rhythms, with an unusual exploration of textures that could make one think of contemporary jazz and vanguard pop and rock.