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An ethereal mix of silicon and wood. Computer and synthesizer blend with natural acoustic instruments and nature sounds. My biggest streaming income on Pandora. Meditative yet structural. Nature sounds used not just for background, but as part of the melodic and rhythmic construct.

"This album is built of contrasting elements reconciled in musical harmony. Natural and electronic sounds, water waves and sound waves, instruments of silicon and instruments of wood. This is music motivated by love of the power of sound, not by love of power over sound. Very restful !! Peaceful!! Headphones recommended!!"Laurie Spiegel Pioneering computer music sound designer"

Gentle, meditative, serene....One of the best albums of the year!!".................Wind and Wire Magazine

"The CD is fantastic.. The Property of Water is very soothing... the listening experience is a healing one" ....Renee Blanche KCUR kansas City