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A native American Flute album that mixes middle eastern themes of both peace and mystery. Rather than focusing on the more traditional approach, I used my experience in ethnomusicology to add mystical impressions of the far east.


The voice of the flute is very natural. It conveys all the heart’s joy and sorrow. And it has one more very special feature. It is able to create a distance between your every day desires and disappointments and lead your mind into a silent state.Paul Adams’ music is full of tranquility and meditation. The artist skillfully uses various Flutes, Whistles, Chinese Hulusi and even ancient Psaltry in his music. His album has been named “Heavens” not accidentally because Paul Adams’ music harmonizes the mind and the soul. And yet it is divinely wonderful.The echoes of ancient times and the voice of modern world are intertwined in the music of Paul Adams.

The artist weaves intricate laces by such a simple acoustic instrument as a flute is.In general, the music of “Heavens” is filled by many nuances. I’d like to point out the very interesting background sounds which Paul Adams perfectly added to his compositions. And also the percussions on "Heavens" are very delicate and they finely emphasize the beauty of Paul Adams flutes’ singing. “Heavens” is a sample of true spiritual music. This is a god like gift which arouses the higher states of the mind.