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Recorded 1/20/19

The people in Martin Sexton's songs are concerned with the integrity of their days and their lives, whether they know they are or not. They're worried about what they're clocking in for every morning. For some people, they're worried that they're busting their humps for no recognition and very menial pay. They're beyond struggling to make their ends meet, but they're incapable of busting out of their ruts and doldrums because the fridge doesn't fucking feed itself now, does it? They stick with the ugly parts of life because those are the stickiest parts, the ones that cling. For other people, they've got a better problem, but it often starts to feel differently to them. They're arriving at the beginning of their days, in nice suits and wonderfully shined shoes, ready to bang heads with the world, just to get deals done and dollars made. They've got no financial woes to speak of and their account has been padded well. It's just that they're so far removed from what they thought or hoped they'd be doing with their lives that they don't even recognize themselves. It eats at them slowly, then before they recognize it, whole pieces of them are being chomped out and they're bleeding badly. They just want to right the ship.