From Paradise Hymns

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We are a collective of artists, song writers, and worship leaders who belong to Providencia WPB; a church community in the city center of West Palm Beach, FL.

The name of our church comes from a ship named Providencia that wrecked off the coast of Palm Beach in 1878. 20,000 coconuts were contained inside it's cargo.

Not only did the coconuts provide a sustainable form of agriculture which could be exported without perishing, but they lined our beaches with beautiful palm trees.

R. R. McCormick, a pioneer in the late 1800's, was quoted to have said this when he arrived on our shore:

“Truly this is a paradise. You have made the wilderness to blossom.”

It's through the shipwrecks of our lives that our jungles have become a paradise. By His grace, the wilderness deep within our souls has been made to blossom, create and flourish.

And so we have been given new songs to sing; Paradise Hymns.