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This album was created with the utmost sense of freedom and brevity. It was inspired by escapes from the ordinary and recorded in our homes where espresso flowed like fountains and microphones were taped to broken stands. Some of the vocals were recorded in a one room cabin with the refrigerator running. Some of the drum sounds were made by a coffee machine and the front door. Some of the programmed samples were ripped from older Paper Lights records, iPhone recordings and YouTube videos about space. Computerized plugins were occasionally used to achieve the usual facade of instruments we don’t own. One time a car drove by playing too much sub but we kept the ruined take anyway. Not all recordings were done the “right way” but it was at least talked about. Some of the sounds are raw and authentic to their atmosphere while some are counterfeit. Just like the people who made them, we try to live genuinely but there is always room for improvement. This record represents us accurately and for that we are proud. Creating it has been a beautiful experience with some great friends. We hope that the entire work will convey sincerity and hopefulness.