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“Elegant and Sweeping Pop” – WXPN’s The Key

“Folk loves its sadness, but this is warm nostalgia in song form.” – INDEPENDENT CLAUSES

“A balance of singer/songwriter styled pop that walks along the indie rock border and comes together with a more traditional country base and carries you over a dusty trail rhythm, this is truly a combination that the Philadelphia based group can call their own.” – ONE STOP COUNTRY

“It is hard to put together an album that holds a consistent instrumental palette, melodic thrust, and overall mood without getting repetitive. Palm Ghosts has accomplished this difficult task on their self-titled record. Palm Ghosts lives in a warm, relaxed space with just a touch of ominous haze on the horizon, carving out a space for itself next to artists like Damien Jurado.” – INDEPENDENT CLAUSES

“Some of the music I listened to on this album transported me to a feeling of peace, relaxation, comfort – like everything was going to be okay. So, I hope whatever you’re going through, you take the time to enjoy music, because that’s what really gets me through the tough times.” – SPEC BLOG

“Singer-songwriter Joseph Lekkas demonstrates that Americana music can sprout and bloom anywhere, including Philadelphia.” -MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL

“Palm Ghosts is the new band/project created by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Joseph Lekkas who was previously in the band Grammar Debate. After that band dissolved Lekkas took some time off from the world of music…only to realize a few years later that creating music was “...necessary to beat his anxieties.” Thus, the band now serves two purposes. To beat the anxieties of the musician…and to relieve anxieties in the minds of those who hear it. Recorded in an old warehouse during an intensely cold winter, this self-titled album presents intelligent songs that are inspired and real. These tunes remind us somewhat of Starflyer 59 except the overall feel is somewhat more folky and reserved. Lekkas has a great voice and a real knack for knowing how to put the pieces together. These tracks are resilient, personal, and reflective. Our favorite cuts include “Dr. Tiger,” “Airplane Jane,” “I Know You Won’t Break My Heart,” and “All My Life (I’ve Been Waiting.).” – BABY SUE

"Pennsylvania’s Joseph Lekkas makes ‘sun-damaged American music’ in his new guise as Palm Ghosts. His first self-titled album as Palm Ghosts is a beautiful collection of songs inspired by an intense period of depression." - AMELIA'S MAGAZINE UK credits