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Introduction vol.3 produced by Pako.

This is the third part of the EP album INTRODUCTION.-------------------------------------------------- ----------------

New EP with 5 songs of varied electronics.

1.-Escape to Andromeda Theme in the SCAPE 2014 promotional album Seal GWF. an issue that could qualify as an ambient house once rhythmic and sensual.

2.-Space Voyager A theme similar characteristics to Escape Dance to Andromeda but more powerful and danceable.

3.-I feel Love Disco A small homage to the music Disco, Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder among others in this sensual, rhythmic and vintage sound.

4.-Walking on air Dance and sound more sensual.


Walking on air,

I feel my mind is all on fly,

It's like a party do the sky don't know where do I go now,

I'm just leaving this way,

Wat a lie, destiny.

5.-Unknown Lifeforms Electronic track more futuristic, experimental, minimalist, rhythmic, powerful underground. Its main feature is the use of powerful and low saturated.

:Thanks for your support and reviews! regards Pako