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The quartet got their start in 2013, when their current lineup was solidified. The very next year, they embarked on the recording process of their debut, self-titled EP. While the EP was quickly spread throughout the local scene, they weren’t resting on their laurels. In 2016, their full-length Vendetta was completed and released, featuring the titular first single. The imagery on the album’s cover draws from the concept that with knowledge & understanding comes power. The young woman willingly walking into the abyss with the rabbit painted on the wall represents the idea of “going further down the rabbit hole.” The material on the album covers topics like the loss of loved ones, coping with depression, being an outcast, and mental instability from abuse.One Steel Wound aren’t precious about the consumption and dissemination of their material. They don’t care if people download the music for free, purchase it alongside their merch, or just the spread the good word of the band; they’re grateful for any form of support.