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One Life was born in Haiti in a christian family. Praying and going to church was essential part of his life. Because he was exposed to God at such an early age, he started developing an early passion for Him. Going to church was something he loved; Singing Church hymns was something he enjoyed. He wanted to have a part in everything that was related to God. Living for him became his life. One Life learned that everyone in life have a talent; and that every christian have an obligation to spread God's words to those who don't know. So as a christian One Life wanted to know his talent and wanted to be a part in that mission. At the age of 12, One Life set out on a mission to find out what his talent was. He prayed day and night asking God to revealed it to him. It wasn't too long until God led him on a task that would reveal his talent to him, and that task was to write a song. One Life is a kind of person who love challenging himself, so when his church decided to put on a youth talent show, he knew he had to be in it and that he had to do something that he had never done before. But the question was what? He didn't want to dance neither did he want to get into writing poetry, so he was lost. By signing up for the talent show means that he had to come up with something, and he had to come up wit it fast. Singing was something he always loved doing but he did not know any song by heart. With that said and the fact he could think of nothing else to do, he challenged himself to come up with an original song for the talent show. This was the first time he ever tried to write a song. He spent days trying to come up with a topic to write the song on. While at school one day a topic and a song tone came to him, from right there on he started writing. He started writing the song in school and finish it at home. It took him one day to write his first song. When he realize what had done, he was shock. The song sounded good and plus it was well constructed. He knew that that had to be his talent. With jubilance he thank God for revealing it to him and from that day on he made it his mission to use music to spread God's word to everyone as possible.