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One Kingdom from Melbourne released their second EP on November 19. Titled "Science of Change," the new EP expanded on the band’s earlier music, bringing fans more of the driving, inspiring tracks they have come to crave.

One Kingdom was formed in 2013 by Troy Dixon, the former guitarist for internationally-renowned Australian death metal band Mortification. With Dixon on guitars, along with Joshua Bovitt, the band dishes out a potent sound that feels both explosive and mesmerising. Dom Masculo (ex-Throwdown) on bass and Philip Peters on drums make up a grinding rhythm section, providing the pulsing fire for the band. Nicholas Rickard’s deep, captivating vocals complete the group’s magnetic sound. What sets this band apart is the way the members play off of each other. Their music runs deep, something that is only possible when musicians can vibe together, enhancing one another’s music and taking the collective product to a higher level. This group of experienced individuals have come together to create a sound that is capable of carrying the torch of those that have come before. Inspired by giants such as Drowning Pool, Papa Roach, and Sevendust, One Kingdom is continuing the work of these other bands, providing an artistic sanctuary to fans who desire a light in a world that often resembles a lost modern dystopia. The band has been performing across Australia, adding a passion and fire to the thriving Melbourne music scene. With their debut self-titled EP, released in January of 2014, and the May 2014 video release of Your Eyes, produced by critically-acclaimed videographer Dillon Pearce, One Kingdom has been attracting attention and reviving an interest in the heavy music scene. The band aims not just to showcase great music, but also to spread a positive message in a broken world. Their songs search for meaning, giving their fans more than just music, but something to hold on to. One Kingdom have performed at popular events such as the Forest Edge Music Festival, Raise the Ruins, and supporting touring bands such as Thousand Foot Krutch. Made up of a group of driven, dynamic musicians, One Kingdom is keeping the flame alive and raging for an undying cultural and artistic movement. Long live the voice of the underground.