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We call it setinkane in Botswana. They call it mbira nyunga nyunga or karimba in Zimbabwe. On the One Finite Monkey debut (available on Amazon), the instrument is regularly placed into non-traditional contexts with processing and distortion. Still, I love the traditional repertoire of this instrument. I learned to play through the old songs. Recently, sections of my live performances have been devoted to traditional music played on this lovely instrument. By request, I recently went into the studio (well, my parent's guest room) and recorded "live in the studio" eleven traditional mbira songs (while they were away at CostCo). On the first song, I added ambient recordings I made around my home in the Okavango Delta area of Botswana. The mbira combines with bullfrogs and bellfrogs, with bird songs and hippo laughter.

I find this music, with its repeating patterns and layered arpeggios lovely and peaceful. I hope you do as well. Merry Christmas (2013).