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In October 2018 I released my debut full album as a composer, Where Night Never Comes. The album had a great success  featured on Modern Classical Top Chart by Reverbnation and winner of Best Modern Classical Album 2018 by 

Here the Electronic REMIX of 6 songs from it: I wanted to make more vivid and stronger the story behind each song.
In the original 16 piano solo songs I was inspired by the small and big things of everyday; it was all about my life, passions and told about my dears, land and surroundings. The REMIXES are almost the same but thanks to an avant-garde electronic use I wrote a music story for each song: we can feel a woman alone wandering to no-where; a man lost in a frozen path; the dawn; stars floating in the dark space etc. These tracks are not music to score movies like a  soundtrack but they are a real movie scene.