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"This latest track from Seattle duo Novel Nature pulses with a ferocious energy to it. Managing to merge honest, raw songwriting with the sort of stadium-yearning ambition that few bands are able to contain, 'Indigo' is a real fists to the sky, anthemic moment." CRACK IN THE ROAD

SPOTIFY | iTUNES (New York, New York) - It’s no surprise that Los Angeles-based music blog The A&R Radar proclaimed that “the future is bright” for Novel Nature. The Revue even praised them as "this year's version of Twenty One Pilots." Novel Nature keeps the flame burning with the release of their latest atmospheric track titled "Indigo" available now on all DSPs. Listen on Spotify here.

Of "Indigo," the band proclaims: Most songs just kind of spill out as we write them. Almost happening by accident as we go where the vibe takes us. But "Indigo" was written on purpose. We'd just finished up a really spacey, etherial song the night before. I walked into the studio and Emerson said "let's write a straight forward rock song". I plugged the Strat into the deluxe, Em hopped behind the kit and we jammed for an hour or two. The whole song was written then and there, live. We loved the live feel so much that when we recorded it, we couldn't bring ourselves to add many layers. We had to keep that raw energy." Lyrically, "Indigo" tells the familiar story of caring for someone who seems to drop off the face of the earth without a word. 'All I wanna do is shake your shoulders / Remind you of who you used to be to me' Comprised of childhood friends and Seattle natives, Shane Lance (lead vocals, guitar, keys) and Emerson Shotwell (drums, percussion), Novel Nature is an alternative rock band that has amassed an ever-growing cult following since its inception in 2013. Featuring Lance’s dynamic vocals and Shotwell’s powerful, swaying rhythms, Novel Nature has created what Local Wolves Magazine called “a unique and distinct sound that gives the band its identity." Now based in Tacoma, Lance and Shotwell have been playing music together since they were ten years old. – “All we do is music,” says Lance. “We've seen people bail on music for a job they hate. Just not an option for us. We love creating music and sharing it with the world - that's what we do now and it's what we'll always do.” Inspired by the emotional highs and lows of life, Novel Nature quickly garnered a loyal fan base after the release of their debut single “1937” on SoundCloud. In 2014, they released their first album, Nylon Nation, which set the internet positively abuzz and gained them a spot on the country’s top 200 Alternative Charts. Influenced by artists as varied as the Velvet Underground, The Beach Boys, Black Sabbath, Metallica, David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Coldplay, there’s no doubt that Novel Nature will continue to take the industry by storm. And you may want to take The A&R Radar’s advice to heart. “Keep them on your radar. It’s only the beginning.”