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Born in the 80's, & raised in the 90's in Los Angeles California, I have always considered myself somewhat of a professional dork/gamer & Hip-Hop producer/artist and writer bla bla bla. I have always been influenced by Hip-Hop & I wrote my first rap at age 13 in the year 1997. This was a year when a lot of great Hip-Hop acts of that era were dropping classics like Wu-Tang Clans" Wu-Tang Forever, 36 Mafia's Chaper 2: World Domination, Twista's" Adrenaline Rush & many more. Being a dork while growing up in a musically talented family, my main inspiration for music has always come from such facets as 90's Hip-Hop & R&B, video games, zombie flicks, marijuana, rock music, movies & basically all things geek culture.

As Dork Geniuz (the producer/writer) I produce, write, record, mix & master all my own material. As a rapper I go by Nonsenze and am influenced by rappers like Eminem, Redman, Ludacris O.D.D Future & Lil Dicky to name a few, but coming from the era of Hip-Hop where it was extremely important to sound very different than the last artist, I have utilized what I've learned from the greats of the past and present & future (that's right I can time travel ssshh) at an attempt to inspire more artist to find that spark of creativity from within. I am extremely humbled when I get any kind of feedback whatsoever and thankful to any of you who become fans, share and spread my music so that others may get inspired to do the same. Be sure to Follow me on social media or find my music at

BandCamp: https://nonsenze.bandcamp.com/

SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/nonsenzeisdorkgeniuz

Itunes: www.soundcloud.com/nonsenzeisdorkgeniuz

Spotify: www.soundcloud.com/nonsenzeisdorkgeniuz