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Born in the 80's in Los Angeles California, Christopher Neely or better known as Nonsenze (the rapper) aka Dork Geniuz (the producer) has always considered himself a professional dork/gamer & Hip-Hop producer/artist and writer. Being A dork while growing up in a musically talented family, his main inspiration for music has always come from such facets as 90's Hip-Hop & R&B,video games,zombie flicks,marijuana,Rock music,movies & basically all things of geek culture. As Dork Geniuz (the producer/writer) he produce's,writes records,mixes & masters all his own material and has shown the ability to make great songs & beats or remixes out of anything & everything you throw at him.

Coming from the Era of Hip-Hop where it was extremely important to sound very different than the last artist, Nonsenze has utilized what he's learned from the greats of the past and present to attempt to inspire more artist to find that spark of creativity from within. With that said, Nonsenze's music is the perfect backdrop for skateparks, Adult Swim randomness,video games, stoner activities and so much more.

His musical influences include everyone from Redman,ODD Future,Eminem,Ludacris,Weird Al Yancavich,Alchemist,Hopsin,Lil Dicky, Swizz Beatz,Bone Thugs,old Kanye West (lol) to 36 mafia,Action Bronson,Earl Sweatshirt and many more.