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Changing the way we associate Jamaican music with Reggae and Dancehall is quite the feat, but Miami born, Kingston bred Hip Hop artist Nomad Carlos has climbed his way into the spotlight with his impeccable lyrical flows and grassroots efforts, propelling not only his own music, but the entire Hip Hop genre into the homes of the Caribbean people, and soon the world. The young rapper adds, “I think I have the ability to give a new outlook within the content of Hip Hop music, as I have lived a different life in Jamaica.” Raised in Kingston from the age of 5, Nomad has officially declared Jamaica his true home, and it is the official birthplace of his rising Hip Hop career. Nomad learned from an early age to divert any negative surrounding him into a positive art form. He started writing lyrics as his way to escape certain influences and make a difference through music, reflecting on personal life experiences while growing up in Kingston to what he experiences around him on a day to day basis. From early on, Nomad and his original crew would release Hip Hop mixtapes around Jamaica in an effort to be heard. They performed shows all over Kingston and distributed their own mixtapes in the streets which eventually established Nomad as one of Jamaica’s up and coming Hip Hop pioneers. Nomad Carlos went on to release an independent album on his own titled “Fuel To The Fire”. In 2012, he eventually went on to release mixtapes “Live From Yard” and “Me Against The Grain” which had gain him a foot in the door of few hip hop blogs and local Jamaican media. Nomad Carlos also recently put out a free EP titled “You're Most Welcome” which was released as an appreciation to his core fans. Despite the brewing popularity and street buzz that Nomad and his crew were gaining, the young talent quickly learned that although there was no real market for Hip Hop in Jamaica, the music shall speak for itself. With Reggae and Dancehall dominating the Jamaican music industry, the genre pursued by locals is surely on its way to garnering stardom status. Nomad Carlos recently released his latest EP titled “You're Most Welcome”.