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My intention was to create a song that reflected the course of one's day from morning to evening, and how we can infuse that time being more attuned to being loving beings, and the Gayatri mantra is a great vehicle for that practice. After all, our bodies are aware of the presence of the sun everyday, so it made sense to me to associate love with the sun. Initially, I had associated the mantra with wisdom: the illumination the sun provides is an apt metaphor for the light of wisdom. And then I heard a beautiful quotation from the last lines of Dante's Divine Comedy that included the line: "Love that moves the sun and all the other stars."

What a beautiful notion: that the prime mover of the universe is Love. And so it made sense to me that each time we look upon the sun, we may be reminded to love. And we can extend that practice when we look upon the moon, and when we walk the earth. . . and hence the lyrics to the song.

I recorded "Be Love" on Logic Pro with a Blue Tooth USB mic. All tracks were recorded acoustically in my studio apartment in Hell's Kitchen, NYC. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear the siren of a fire engine wailing in the background.