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The Debut!! Jeffrey Richards & the band making our own record in the little  NM adobe found a grassroots audience, started the musical journey, and took us around the world sharing it .. lots of heart and soul in this recording, still lots of people's fave after all these years..

“Sparsely arranged, slyly intelligent country-folk stuffed with juniper winds, Juarez jails and long women in short dresses, delivered with all the gruff urgency of Tom Waits over lap steel and ruptured guitar.” -UNCUT ****

“Elegantly sparse, subtlely ethereal, and ferociously intelligent songs.. reaffirms your faith in music and threatens to wear out from repeated plays.. Sunday Shoes is) word perfect from endless listens and a strong contender for album of the year.” -Americana UK

“On "Sunday Shoes" , Nels Andrews proves that he deserves a spot in the ranks of today's Americana heroes. “ American Songwriter

“Seamless smoke rings of atmospheric campfire reflection, tempered with heady, tumbling slow-roots melodies and a restless wisdom. . At the moment, there are few others in Americana who carry his rugged presence. For Nels Andrews is that much sought-after treasure in music. He’s the real deal.” -Maverick

1 Central Avenue Romance 4:09

2 Weight 5:10

3 Jesse's Mom 5:06

4 Broken Conversation 2:13

5 Milk And Honey 3:54

6 Lilli Marlene 4:59

7 Meadowlake 3:25

8 Denim Scarecrow 4:12

9 Petal To A Bee 4:41

10 Big Oaks Sway 3:34