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Fresh from Albuquerque into the big city,  my first collaboration with the amazing Todd Sickafoose who introduced me to a whole world of textures and players from the New York "New Music" universe..  Tracked live in Brooklyn,  Michael Jorgenson (Wilco) sending Analog synths though a big leslie speaker, Ben Perowski (Lounge Lizards, Joan as Policwoman), and SIckafoose providing texture and sway, and a host of guests (Ana Egge vocals, Gina Leishman, glass orchestra), make for a gentle tapestried background against my increasingly impressionistic story songs..  "Downtown Americana?"

This was a blast of creative fuel that wonderfully changed my artistic trajectory..

“While his sound may remind some listeners of other talented young minstrels such as Amos Lee and Andrew Bird, Andrews, paints with a more delicate touch. His canvas may suggest large Southwestern landscapes or a vast desert of yearnings, yet the beauty of his work is in the tiny details. ****/***** -Chicago Sun Times

“Moody, intense, thoughtful and very good. - ****/***** Irish Times

“Sunday Shoes’ was always going to be a hard act to follow, but Nels Andrews handles this new set of nine self-penned songs on ’Off Track Betting’ with intelligent assurance. For all intents and purposes, ’Off Track Betting’ has temporarily replaced the bebop of Charlie Parker for the soundtrack to Kerouac’s bestseller, if only for a while. If this is the evolving route for all things Americana,then it’s fine by me. -Froots

“Excellent follow up to feted debut. The songs are at times dreamlike, shuffling past, almost languid. Andrews’ vocals are reminiscent of Jackson Browne on Late For the Sky, and the songs here reach that peak of creativity. It would be unfair to pick out highlights, from the start this album draws one in with welcoming arms…. one cannot fail to mention the excellent “Temple Incense”, best song so far this year.” 9/10 -Americana UK

1 Fever Dream 4:20

2 Temple Incense 4:45

3 Three Days 4:32

4 Lady Of The Silver Spoon 4:49

5 Butterfly Wing 3:11

6 Rented White Sedan 4:01

7 Shoot Out The Stars 3:15

8 Sunday Shoes 6:06

9 Dollar And The Dream 3:29