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"Power to Save" is the new song from Australian worship leader 'Nathan Ironside & The Stirring'. Written by Pastors Dave & Vanessa Gargano with Nathan Ironside -

Our world is broken, and the temptation is to be afraid, to become bitter & apathetic. Danger is real but fear is a choice. Now is not the time to run from God, but to run to God. He is our living hope, no longer chains. Our future is freedom, our God has the power to save. There are many questions, but ONE answer: Perfect love, perfect unconditional love .. through Christ revealed. Sometimes we don't believe that we need saving, until tragedy strikes us or someone around us, and we realize how vulnerable we are. Whatever your situation, your perspective, whatever your tragedy ... There is hope! God's word teaches us in Romans 10:13: "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Download and share #powertosave